Your experience matters. Whether you are a customer, a supplier or an employee, you have the rights to a positive experience with our products. 

Value creation. Don’t leave our events without fresh ideas, new contacts, relationships, and possibly closing your next business deal.

Lifetime partnerships. Make us your event partner of choice in building your business network.


To be the leader in organising business- to- business executive conferences in Asia, producing premium 

events that span across all industry sectors. At SPHERE Conferences, we envision to build large 

conferences that address the core issues driving innovation and help shape big ideas vital to the 

business environment, while at the same time forge lasting, mutually beneficial business relationships 

with and for our customers.


To produce conferences that are of the highest quality that brings inspiration, innovation and value to 

our customers. Our purpose is to empower our customers with big and fresh ideas and key lasting 

relationships that will enable them to excel in their chosen markets, by providing a unique networking 

and learning platform whereby they can learn, network and do business.